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Church Projects by Schuette Design

Architectural Drawings for Churches:
Project:  Liberty Worship Center
Edwardsville, IL

Where:  Edwardsville, IL

New Sanctuary

Project:  First Christian Church
(worship space addition)

Where:            700 West Center Street, Girard, Illinois

Pastor:                                    Dick Whitworth

Owner’s Representative:      Sam Molen

Contractors:                           Neff-Colvin, Inc. Building contractors

                                                Burgess & sons, Mechanical & Plumbing

                                                Walk, Electrical contractors

Architect:                                Schuette Design

Mechanical Design:               Bill Schnur

Electrical Design:                  Kevin Banovic

Several ago, First Christian Church purchased property and built a new building.  At that time, funds did not allow them to

build the entire facility.  However, they did complete the fellowship hall, offices, restrooms, and classrooms. 

Under the leadership of Pastor Dick Whitworth, the church has experienced continual growth.  Recently, they

completed a new worship space which also has additional classrooms and a new nursery.

LaSalle/Peru Assembly of God
New Sanctuary

Where:       LaSalle/Peru, IL

New Building

Architect:    Schuette Design

Hillsboro Free Methodist Church Hillsboro, IL

Architect:  Schuette Design

New building, and later classroom addition. 

Gym added, Hurst Rosche, architect

Project:      Cornerstone Assembly of God, new building

Where:       Bethalto, IL

Architect:    Schuette Design

Project:  Living Stones Fellowship

Where:                                    Litchfield, Illinois

Project Rep/Contractor:        Wayne Heyen

Architect                                 Schuette Design

Electrical Design:                   Kevin Banovic

Mechanical Design:               Bill Ferris

Dr. Lonnie Laughlin started a bible study in his home several years ago.  As the bible study grew they purchased the

building that had been the home of the smaller Catholic church.  The two Catholic churches had combined.

Soon, the bible study group, (now Living Stones Fellowship) had outgrown the old Catholic church.  They purchased

a metal building that had been an Aldi Store of 20,000 square feet.  Half of the building (10,000 square feet) was leased out. 

The remaining 10,000 square feet plus an addition of 2000 square feet is now Living Stones Fellowship.

Project:  Cross Church

Carlinville, IL

Renovate old Wal Mart building.


Project:           Lincoln Assembly of God

Where:            Lincoln, IL

Architect:        Schuette Design

This project was a relocation to a new site in town adjacent to a residential area and just a half mile from Lincoln College. 

Site preparation began in 1996 and the initial exterior structure was built with the help from Illinois Church Construction

Corps volunteers and the national RV-MAPS (Mission America Placement Service) program, both ministries of the Assemblies

of God.  The 12,000 square foot facility includes a 200 set-worship space which can be expanded to 500 (750 with future balcony),

fellowship hall, kitchen, six restrooms, classrooms, offices, a large storage room, and a brightly-lit foyer containing a wall of windows. 

The entire structure is handicapped-accessible, highly functional, flexible, and expandable for the future.  The final stages of the project

included a concrete parking lot with lights and a church sign.

Volunteers were the key to this project.  although there were 4,500 contractor hours in key areas of the project, volunteers comprised

an additional 29,100 hours.  this number included 2,200 from Church Construction Corps workers, 5,000 from RV-MAPS workers, and

21,900 from workers within the local church.  All those hours saved the church at least $750,000 but probably more.  the building was

dedicated to the glory of God in November of 2003.  Cost of the building came in at $35 per square foot.  Many items were donated over

the course of the project which also helped in keeping costs low.  Total project cost including land, fees, building cost, furnishings, sound

system, garage, landscaping, parking lot, and sign was $600,000 and as of January 2008 the church loan has been paid off.  Praise God! 


1st Congregational Church, new gymnasium

Bunker Hill, IL

Architect:  Schuette Design

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