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Rend Lake Resort

Rend Lake Resort


The project won a CDB (Capital Development Board) Merit award in 1990.


Project: Wayne Fitzgerald State Park North Marina Development


Location:    Rend Lake, South of Mount Vernon, Illinois on I-57


Owner:  Illinois Department of Conservation (IDOC)


The North Marina is a natural inlet that was shaped into a harbor during the construction of Rend Lake by the Army corps of Engineers.  The head wall (where the restaurant and Boatel are now located) and boat ramps were all in place before the lake was filled.   Some of the roads and parking were also in place prior to our involvement in the project.

The North Marina is in the heart of Wayne Fitzgerald State Park which is managed by the State of Illinois Department of Conservation.  In the early 1980’s the park had much to offer yet was very much under utilized.  The North Marina Development was intended to draw people into the park, and has been a tremendous success.

Hurst-Rosche was commissioned to design the North Marina and Dennis Schuette was the Project Architect for the First Phase of Building Development.  The buildings that were included in Phase I of the project were the Boatel (a motel at waters edge), restaurant, convenience store and duplex cabin units.

The original development was so successful that additional Boatel pods have been constructed on adjacent peninsulas and a large banquet room has been added to the restaurant.  In addition, a new swimming pool and bath house been built.  All subsequent construction has followed the original architectural theme.


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