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Courthouse & Jails

Project: Macoupin County Courthouse

Where: Carlinville, Illinois

For 130 years, Macoupin County Courthouse has been one of the most important architectural monuments in southern Illinois.  However, changes in county government, the legal system, the computer age, ADA (American Disability act), and time have all worked together to make this building obsolete and deteriorated.

County government, realizing the architectural importance of this structure has relied on Schuette Design and Woolpert to upgrade and renovate this important structure.

Projects to- date, include:

Renovation of Lower Level, East Side – This work included a court room, jury room, restroom, conference areas, judges chamber, and court reporter’s office.  New mechanical, plumbing, and electrical work were also included.

Roof Repair and Repainting, - work included designing structural support for antennas on top the dome; locating, removing and replacing rusted sections of metal; refinishing entire roof and dome surface.

Electrical Upgrade – Replaced main panels and a large percentage of all wiring in the building. Design Study – Study the possibility for utilization of third and fourth levels presently, attic and storage space, for office use.


Project: Macoupin County Jail

Location: Carlinville, Illinois

In the early 80’s, Macoupin County Board formed a building commission for the purpose of constructing a new jail.  Their existing, stone building, had served them since the 1800’s, but was completely inadequate.  The building commission hired Booker Associates to do a study to determine their future jail needs.  Dennis Kimme, a jail planner, projected that the county would need 50 cells for male population, 5 cells for females, and 2 juvenile cells.

Hurst-Rosche and Booker shared the responsibility for design of their new facility.  Dennis Schuette was the project architect and architect of record on the new building.  The building was completed in 1985.  The jail and sheriff’s department has served the county well for the last 19 years.

Recently, Schuette Design was commissioned to do design for renovations to the control room to accommodate 911 capabilities.  This project was completed in 2004.


Project: Montgomery County Jail

Location: Hillsboro, Illinois

In the late 80’s, the building commission for construction of Montgomery County Jail commissioned Hurst-Rosche to do design of a new jail and sheriff’s department facility.  Dennis Schuette was the project architect and architect of record for this project.  The county constructed the jail with 26 men’s cells and 3 female cells.  The jail has served the county well the last 15 years, however, the county is considering adding additional cells at this point.   


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