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Mission Haiti - November 27-December 10, 2016

Dennis came to help Joan and Jane from Canada measure babies. We had around 85 babies to weigh and measure in the morning. Dennis was very exact!

This is how Joan helped weigh the babies, and they had a little plastic holder for infants!

Jane, a nurse and husband Brad from Canada worked at the clinic and Joan helped with recording weights and measurements!

After the Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti around October 12th, 2016, Dennis saw many pics of small shacks without roofs and wanted to go and help put on roofs. After contacting our friends LeAnne and Gary Glabe who have been going to Haiti for the past 8 years, Dennis and Joan were able to join them to go to Cap Haiti at the northern most part of Haiti to do whatever was needed from November 27th to December 10th, 2016.

Gary does a 2 day, electrical class at the One Mission Society base with basic electrical training and gives a certificate after students at the Tech School qualify.

Gary, from Glabe Electric, originally in Illinois with Junior, Interpreter for the class. Junior took Dennis & Gary to his house, which was a house that the roof would not keep out water during a rain and Cap Haiti had 26 inches of rain after the Hurricane in October.

Electrical students from prior years were able to fix the electrical problem when we had 10 sewing machines $20 each from Walmart in the states years earlier power problems.

Le Anne has been teaching a basic 2-week sewing class, teaching basic machine care, basic sewing stitches and seams and brings materials to help them make simple projects to sell in the gift shop at the base. Joan was able to help LeAnne organize the sewing area (since the class had moved and they sorted former projects and put them in the gift shop to sell etc.) and Joan helped to prepare for the classes and then assist in making projects. In the first year class that LeAnne taught, Joelle, a former sewing student started this sewing business at the front of this class area and some of LeAnne's former sewing students have been working in this business. They make nice polo shirts, dresses, skirts, stretch pants, underwear etc to order or to sell.

Joelle, LeAnne, Carol (from Oregon brought sewing projects she had made and helped in the classes also) Joan, and Interpreter (who took the electrical class in between sewing interpreting and received a certificate from the electrical class.

(below)They are making pillow cases in the picture below with colorful trim to sell in the gift shop. Seven students took the class and Joelle will continue the class for a few months to make other projects, and learning to put in zippers...etc.

Potholders and pillow cases in bags made by Sewing Class, 2016 which will be sold in gift shop!

Nurse (lady to far left), sent a list of needs for mothers to Carol (pic above) and her church in Oregon gave a baby shower in the states with the requested items and these were passed out to mothers at the medical clinic. Students at the Tech School take classes and help at the clinic. They were very grateful and Happy for these gifts and kept their babies snuggly, warm in 86 degree year round weather!

This is Brett Bundy, missionary from Illinois (actually from Salem Illinois and he and wife went to state in track same year our son Josh went to state) and Brad from Canada working to get 2nd floor of Cowman Christian School ready to pour concrete. The school started with 20 students and added a grade each year and now up to grade 10 and 150 students and hope to be in the 2nd floor in 2017. Due to torrential rains many of the missionaries and families were sick, Chris Love teaches Chemistry etc had been sick for 6 weeks. Dennis helped Brett, they mixed and poured the concrete by hand and carried up to the 2nd floor. For them it was faster even though they had a hand mixer and saved half the cost for concrete.

Cowman Christian School, grades preschool - grade 10. 2nd floor in background. Presently 150 students! School is taught in English! French/Creole is the language in this area of Haiti.

Cowman Christian School, 2nd floor. Dennis helped with this project!

Missionary Jeff telling about the 4VEH Radio Station - Voice of Evangelism for Haiti Solar-powered fixed station radios distributed as evangelism tools to people in Haiti set to the christian station. You can listen at 4veh

Emmaeus Biblical Seminary for training pastors and leaders in Haiti. (Pastors in training in background).

One Mission Society (short term missions under Men for Missions which is long term missions) based in Cap Haitia, Haiti includes: Medical & Dental Clinic, Technical School (training in medical, dental, and vocational skills), Cowman Christian School and 4VEH Radio station. They are also affiliated with some orphanages which we didn't get to visit but hope to in the future.

Dennis & Joan Schuette, Cap Haitia, Haiti December 2016

We were so thankful to be a part of this ministry and hope to be a Blessing in the future as well! Thank You for all your Prayers and Support for Haiti! They are very Respectful and Thankful for all help!

Gary was talking to some students in electrical class and had mentioned "abortion" was legal in America, and the students repeatedly said, "you mean 'illegal' right?" They couldn't believe abortion was legal in America. They have healthy babies, we had one who weighed 24 lbs, under one year of age due to the water wells providing safe water and technical training in raising & preparing food. We were so proud of all the groups coming in to help in Haiti.

"He who gives a cup of cold water in my name, will not lose his reward."

In His Love,

Dennis & Joan

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