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Guatemala Mission, February, 2017

In February, 2017 Dennis and Joan met former church friends from Coffeen, Illinois, Stan & Cindy Huber in San Cristobal, Alta Verapaz to help former youth leaders for all our kids (now grown with families of their own), John & Donna Reynolds from the former Redemption Center, (presently World Harvest) Hillsboro, Il.

Our goal was to help occupy the mission house John had started 10 years ago. Luke and Dennis had gone with a group of men several years back to pour the 1st floor, cement floor and the project has been slowly progressing. Our team met with John and Donna to plan the trip on what the needs were to occupy and Dennis drew plans to build a 3-level water tower; 1st floor to be John's office, 2nd floor would be a prayer tower, and 3rd floor would hold two 500 gallon water tanks. Dennis also did drawings for a septic tank and field lines.

We also spent the prior year raising money to purchase and install the 40 windows at $100 each installed by the Guatemalans (see pic below). John also needed to have a wall built around the property to protect from various theft etc. The Guatemalans spent the year building this wall and were finishing the last few sections and topping off the wire etc. when we arrived in February.

Stan and Dennis along with the Guatemalans and John dug & poured the foundation and up to ceiling of 2nd level of the water tower and the Guatemalans finished water tower (see pic below). They poured the floor for John's office recently and just have to get the water tanks.

The last day we were there, the Guatemalans started to install the windows but the power went off so only got to see the windows ready to install. Just got news all the windows are installed.

Also John had a bulldozer dig the septic tank area and Guatemalans poured the floor and laid block to the top and just had to pour the top before we left from our 2 week stay. Just got news the septic and field lines are done and are in the 1st picture below (field lines in the ground).

Our goal is still to help occupy the mission house in 2017! Still needed are plumbing, electrical, cabinets, floor finishes (stain concrete), some leveling of floors with floor leveler etc.

Hoping and praying this mission house will soon be housing mission teams from the US or wherever as they help John & Donna fulfill the Great Commission in Guatemala. The mission house will house up to 20 or so people and will enable the Reynolds to concentrate on their Youth outreach, the Extreme Zona which is an after school mission with games, Bible Studies, computer access for students, retreats and discipleship. They also support 3 medical clinics in the mountains and have their own visiting nurse they trained up and their son-in-law is a medical Dr. who visits clinics regularly; They have also been installing stoves in communities in the mountains so smoke doesn't go in the homes. Check them out at If you can help fulfill this mission, you will be truly blessed.

Hillsboro Free Methodist just returned from a 10 day trip in July to Cross Commission and Fillmore Church will be taking a team the end of August, 2017.

Any teams are welcome, John still disciples youth, adults and children as he did for our kids who are all raising their kids to serve the Lord with all their heart, mind, soul and strength! Be a blessing, "He who gives a cup of cold water in my name, will not lose his reward."

Dennis & Joan Schuette

Water Tower, John's office on 1st floor, 2nd will be prayer tower and water tanks on top. Wood framing still on in picture.

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